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    SALE ENDS : Jun 16, 2015

    A New Beginning - Final Cut is a cinematic adventure-thriller done graphic novel-style. In this charming and witty adventure, earth is on the brink of impending climate cataclysm. It's essential to travel the world in order to spare mankind and save the whole from this terrible fate.

    PRICE: 100
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    SALE ENDS : Jun 30, 2015

    Fight your way through hordes of enemies!
    Navigate through perilous obstacles!
    Collect tons of items!
    Build and upgrade your weapons!
    Prepare for monstrous bosses!
    All from the imagination and creativity of kids!

    PRICE: 50
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    SALE ENDS : Jun 16, 2015

    Gun Metal is a futuristic action-packed experience where you take control of the fully transformable prototype combat vehicle known as the Havoc Suit. The Havoc Suit, a prototype combat vehicle, remains the only hope to save civilization from a tireless enemy.

    PRICE: 100